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Flexitank / Tank Containers

ASTA LOGISTIK represents MYF My Flexitank in the Spanish market

· More economical – next lowest cost to ocean tanker
· Available in remote areas. Low positioning costs
· Always new. No risk of contamination
· Higher payloads than drums or IBC’s
· Quick loading / discharge compared to drums or IBC’s
· Loading capacity up to 24.000 liters
· Food and Pharmaceutical grade
· Bottom load/discharge valve
· Optional reheat system

ASTA LOGISTIK together with our partners, offer worlwide TC (Tank Container) service in the Spanish market

· Sea freight Tank container operators
· Full logistic package solution including F/F activities
· Shippers own Tank Container handling
· Fleet Management
· Technical support
· Safety support
· Tracking and Tracing
· Insurance
· IT/EDI solutions