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Detergent manufacturing plant, Constanza (Romania)|  October 2009

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Project description

First shipment of machinery for a detergent manufacturing plant from Barcelona port to Constanza, Romania.

Commodity: Machinery for a detergent manufacturing plant
Execution time: First shipment from September to October 2009
Work scope: Operations at the port of Barcelona and at the Constanza port (Romania). Chartering of the vessel "Dan Fighter"
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
Destination: Constanza, Romania
Weight and volume: 12 boxes, 63 Mtons and 480 cbm
Exceptionals pieces:
1 box with measurement: 7,13 x 4,83 x 3,37 meters and
2 boxes with measurements: 5,88 x 5,48 x 3,37 meters


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