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Water pipeline from desalination plant of Souk Tleta (Algeria) 2/2|  April 2009

2éme Expedition aéerienne 19

Project description

Project air shipments.
Loading airport of Shanghai (China), chartering of two aircrafts, customs clearance, unloading airport of Oran and delivery in site Souani (Algeria) of the components for a pipeline water 287 kilometers

Commodity: fitings and accessories needed for a water pipeline of 287 kilometers long from desalination plant of Souk Tleta.
Execution time of the project: one year, star date February 2009
First air shipment of 30/04/2009 to 01/05/2009
Second air shipment of 09/11/2009 to 10/11/2009
Work scope: two air shipments, aircrafts DC10F type, loading, chartering, customs clearance, unloading and delivery on site.
Origin: airport of Shanghai (China)
Destination: airport of Oran - delivery in Souani (Algeria)
Weight and volume:
41 pieces with a weight of 64.717 Kgs. and 220,49 cbm (first air shipment)
113 pieces with a weight of 53.392 Kgs. and 147,21 cbm (second air shipment)


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