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  • [Prefabricated sheds]

    Prefabricated sheds

    Ship agency and chartering of the vessel M/V “KALANA” in the port of Castellón and transport coordination of 28 prefabricated wooden sheds destined for Dakar.
    Total: 98.000 Kg., 1.700 cbm

  • [Spheres for mining]

    Spheres for mining

    Ship's agency. loading, stowing and lashing of 3 spheres for mining from Vigo (Spain) to Betancour (Canadá) with a total weight of 132 Tons y 486 cbm.

  • [Wind mills for Chile]

    Wind mills for Chile

    Loading, stowing, lashing, coordination and control over pre-carriage of 11 complete wind mills from Pontevedra (Spain) to Canela (Chile).

  • [Airport busses]

    Airport busses

    Unloading, unstowing, coordination and control over assembling and distribution over several Spanish airports of 11 airport busses with a total weight of 126.500 kgs and a volume of 1.366,2 cbm

  • [Pipes for Algiers (Algeria)]

    Pipes for Algiers (Algeria)

    Port operations, shipping and ocean freight to Algiers

  • [Air chartering]

    Air chartering

    Chartering of an Antonov 124-10. Coordinating the forwarding of 8 packages containing valves from Foronda (Vitoria) Spain to Kuwait. Two of the packages have a weitht of 24.000 Kg each.
    Total weight: 95.831 Kg.

  • [Evaporation plant]

    Evaporation plant

    Transport coordination of 20 packages from the port of Aviles (Galicia) to the port of Singapore. The parts pertain to an evaporation plant in Perawang.
    One of the parts has a dimension of 17 x 6,15 x 6,60 m and 212.000 kgs. of weight
    Total: 20 Pcks./ 583.626 Kg / 2.520 cbm

  • [Combined cycle power plant in Navarra]

    Combined cycle power plant in Navarra

    Transport coordination of parts and components to build a 400 megawatt combined cycle power plant in Castejón, Navarra (Spain)
    Total: 2.278 tons / 7.527cbm

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