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History of the group

ASTA (ALG) Grupo was created in 1996 through the integration of several smaller companies into a greater structure, as well as through the creation of other new companies that served the objectives stated by its shareholders, which are:

To create, maintain, and expand an economic structure that would render import and export services to the Spanish international industry.

Thus GIMEX MEDITERRÁNEO, S. A. was created, and its structure integrated with that of TRANSBROKERS, ROAD RAIL and SUALBER, giving birth to a group with a broad capacity to respond to the requirements of its customers regarding the management and organization of all types of transports.

CARGOMARITIME AIR XXI TRANSPORT was created to cover the field of shipping agencies, stevedoring, chartering, and other "shipping" activities, with operating headquarters at Bilbao and Barcelona.

ALG's structure was completed through strategic participation in MARMOD (Portugal), UTT (Special Transport), and CET in Casablanca / Morocco) which respond to ALG’s need to satisfy its customers’ needs, by being present in different geographical fields/areas.

ALG’s structure was therefore completed in 1998.

Later, and in order to develop the “storage/distribution” activity with its own personality, known today as “logistics”, ALG partnered with grupo COMBALIA to create the COMBALIA/ALG company.

In 2007, ALG Grupo was structured following two basic criterions:


Thus, AlG integrated its areas of activity (BUSINESS UNITS) with a homogeneous criterion, seeking to favour all the synergies that the organization itself generates.

The territorial structure allows, on the other hand, to apply “in situ” the advantages of having the office “right by the customer”, and of knowing the particularities, and idiosyncrasies of each particular geographical area, thus allowing the organization to benefit from working with unified criterions applied “right where the customer is”.

The corporate information systems enable the best possible management of the organization, according to its structure:

  • Unified process management
  • Unified databases
  • Real-time access to the status of the operations at each station
  • Unified resource management
  • "On line" operation information

Today, the CUSTOMER SERVICE leitmotiv remains at the core of ALG's spirit, structure, and organization.

ALG Grupo

Evolution of the group