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The need for appropriate and efficient logistics operations is becoming increasingly evident in a highly interrelated and global market. The capacity to place the product / merchandise in the right place, in the shortest time possible, and in the most adequate manner can, and in fact does determine, whether a market is won, or lost.

Production costs, in general, show an increasing tendency to become levelled out in homogeneous geographical areas (Western Europe, for example). On the other hand, an improvement in production costs entails relocation production, which requires the different components manufactured at locations A, B, and C to reach assembly destination D in optimum conditions, and, once the product is finished, it must reach the customers through the best, most economic and efficient route.

All these considerations are part of the logistics process, and therefore, its relevance as a factors affecting good business performance, is increasingly considered to be at par with purchases, production, and sales.

The need to find the appropriate service suppliers, which understand the aforementioned needs, and have the structures required to provide the necessary respond at each moment, is essential for companies competing in the international markets.

This is the capacity DCS ASTA LOGISTIK offers.

A company owned structure throughout Spain, managed with a unifying criterion, and diversified into business areas that address and satisfy each of the challenges that have to be faced every day.

  • Offices throughout Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algiers and Shanghai
  • International common business management network
  • Warehouses ("picking" / distribution)
  • International land transport fleet
  • Ship agent, charters, stevedoring in main harbours

Management of all processes: supplier contracting, document management (IMO-CCI sales and purchases), supplier management, shipment traceability, insurance, both for small scale operations and for large volume contracts, or long-term industrial projects.

All this managed by a highly qualified human team, assisted by a data processing system compliant with the services offered by the organization.

All this and much more is what ALG can offer to cover your logistic—related needs.

ALG’s turnover in 2016 amounted to 44 million euros. Our group transported more than 36,300 teu’s in 2016. Since the beginning , the central office and the corporate structure have been located in Barcelona.

ALG Grupo is a member of international organization such as EURTEAM, BIMCO, IATA, FIATA, THLG (The Heavy Lift Group), etc. and of organizations in the national industry, such as ATEIA-OLT, etc.